Hey, I'm Cam and tell your stories through candid photographs. 

I'm a Navy brat turned military spouse, so I have no hometown.​​​​​​​
Because of this, I've learned to hang on tight to the things I love because there was always a chance I'd be uprooted at any moment. 
These things include: movies about time travel, camping, Myer's Briggs personality types (INFJ here!), herby iced Chai lattes, laughing until I cry, words of affirmation, and of course singing 90's pop punk at the top of my lungs.  

Photo by Faith Ealy Photography

Why did I choose photography?
The entirety of my life consists of constantly packing and unpacking moving boxes every few years. And while I was raised to perfect the act of getting rid of unnecessary things, I noticed the reoccurring appearance of my dad's old film cameras and my mother's photo albums in every new home. 
Since life has always happened to fast, and I reset a new lifetime every 3 years, I needed a way to slow it down.
So when my parents finally gave me a point-and-shoot camera and an empty scrapbook of my own, I made it my goal to immortalize the best version of my life.
Why should you choose me?
I've always had many interests come and go, and it wasn't until recently that I realized that they all puzzle piece together. 
Visual arts, storytelling, being outdoors, the psychology of love and relationships..
I always thought I had to pick one, but my seemingly mismatched hobbies have now become my superpower. 
Now that you know a little about my story, let's tell yours! 

Photo by Traci Bennett Photography

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